Overview of Fat Dissolving Injections

We offer the Fat Dissolving Injection treatment for double chins. Over the past few years, we have provided successful treatments for hundreds of patients with outstanding clinical results.

The injection has a naturally occurring product that melts away the fat cells in a selective way, leaving the tissues that surround unharmed.When choosing your treatment provider, it is important to select a clinic that has experienced and reputable clinicians.

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Fat Dissolving Injections FAQs

How Long Does It Take for Fat Dissolving Injections to Work?

Most patients notice a visible improvement in the area that is treated two to three weeks after one treatment. A second or third treatment session may be needed if one desires more improvement. Results that are achieved are permanent.

Who is a Good Candidate for This Treatment?

Any adult male or female who has excess fat deposits under the chin may consider undergoing this treatment. This treatment is not meant for the correction of the loose neck skin, and patients having a lot of loose skin may not be appropriate candidates.

Is the Treatment Safe?

The treatment is approved by TGA in Australia which means its safety profile has been proven. The main ingredient of Fat Dissolving Injections is a substance which is structurally identical to a naturally occurring enzyme which helps to digest fat in the human diet.

There are some temporary side effects which are:

  • Temporary redness.
  • Swelling & bruising.
  • Discomfort.

Rare side effects include:

  • Prolonged swelling persisting for a few weeks.
  • Formation of cyst /abscess in the treated area which may need drainage (extremely rare).
  • Loose skin in the area that is treated (extremely rare).

How is the Treatment Performed?

The area that is to be treated is first anesthetized with the use of high strength topical numbing cream and local anesthetic. Once the area is completely numb, a tiny needle is used to inject small quantities of the product into the fat under the skin. The whole treatment requires about 30 minutes.

Is It Painful?

Most patients tolerate the procedure considerably well. Some patients have reported experiencing a mild stinging sensation, which quickly gets better.

Patients may feel a mild to moderate degree of tenderness and swelling in the area that is treated for some days after the treatment. We recommend the use of oral painkillers such as Panadol and ice packs for the management of this.

Is There Any Downtime?

As stated above, some patients experience a differing degree of swelling, redness, and bruising in the area that is treated. This can persist for up to 5 days, but icing the treated area helps to lessen the swelling quickly.

How Soon Will I Be Able to See the Results?

Most patients notice a visible improvement in the subject area 2 to 3 weeks after the first treatment. A second or third treatment session may be needed if one desires more dramatic improvement. Results that are achieved are permanent.

What Other Treatment Options Are Available for a Sharper Neck & Jawline?

We offer multiple treatment modalities to eliminate the excess neck and jawline fat. We specialize in fat reduction treatments for the whole body.

These include:

  • Cool sculpt Mini (Fat freezing).
  • Vaser Liposculpture.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of one treatment session is $1250. We recommend at least two sessions for high-quality clinical outcomes.