When it comes to providing an outcome that is aesthetically pleasing, there are two things that differ between a good cosmetic clinician from an average one:

  • An innate aesthetic knowledge for facial symmetry and harmony (something that is acquired naturally and no school can teach it).
  • The ability to formulate the appropriate treatment plan to tackle the problem with the least risk or discomfort (it comes only through experience).
We specialize in the provision of customized cosmetic makeovers with the use of the latest techniques in cosmetic medicine and surgery.

The process starts with a consultation where we identify what your desired results are and how we can best achieve them. It is our belief that cosmetic treatments should be a pleasant experience, with the least discomfort and downtime, at a price that constitutes value for money.

There are four crucial points that determine the choice of procedures we may combine to get the desired results:

  • Your Basic concern.
  • Your Expectation, which means the results that you want to achieve.
  • Restrictions of your social downtime, which means how much time you can take off from work?
  • Your Budget.

Owing to the combination of clinical skills and experience of our Medical Team, we offer an extensive variety of cosmetic and anti-aging treatments in one clinic.


The face is the central focus of human beauty. Although there are various factors that influence facial beauty, the aging process is the most common aspect that needs surgical intervention. With aging, changes can be observed in all facial anatomical compartments that include:

  • Bone
  • Skin
  • Muscles
  • Fascia and Ligaments
  • Subcutaneous Fat
Successful rejuvenation of the face requires a thorough understanding of age-related contour and textural changes.

Successful rejuvenation of the face needs a thorough understanding of contour and textural changes associated with age. A customized treatment plan devised to minimize surgical risk is important. The aim is a youthful and natural result after the operation.

A systemic evaluation should include:

  • Evaluation of the degree of Photo-aging.
  • Pigmentary Changes.
  • Elasticity Loss.
  • Soft tissue Volume Loss.
  • Gravitational Sagging.
  • Changes in facial bones, muscles, and ligaments.
  • Before and after photographs for maintaining a clinical record.


Face-scanning technology can be extremely helpful to begin your skin rejuvenation journey.

It simulates different procedural results according to a 3D image of your own face and gives you a realistic series of ‘before and after’ images. This allows you to select and discuss our desired look with your doctor before you undergo the procedure.

The use of this technology helps eliminate a lot of uncertainty and guesswork. Rejuvenative is one of the few practices in Australia to provide this cutting-edge technology and it is proof of our commitment towards our work and our patients.


At Rejuvenative, we strive to be a one-stop-shop where all your cosmetic needs can be met. We offer a wide range of dermatological anti-aging solutions ranging from beauty & dermal therapy to minimally invasive cosmetic surgical procedures. The process of premature skin aging is continuous in the Australian sun. It is important to invest in your skin’s health as it is the largest organ of your body, and will keep you looking great for a long time.